Do it on your own

From the Kazarma area:


We don’t know where to begin; there are so many excellent places for walks in Argolis that you are spoilt for choice. Here are a few of our favourites, and we’ll add more. Some of these walks are in or near Nafplio, for others you’ll need to catch a bus or rent a car.


The shortest trip is in The Great Road (pic. right) in Nafplio, which leads you between historic buildings and the town park, just as nice day and night.

A slightly longer walk is the lovely lap around Akronafplia Castle, on a walkway along the waterfront, this walk can extend up to the suburb Pronia.

You can also walk up the stairs to Palamidi and take the road back, through the fragrant pine forest east of the castle and down 25. Martiou Street in Pronia. Or the opposite.


Karathona Beach is within walking distance of Nafplio. You can start your tour at the large car park at the town-beach Arvanitia and walk the lovely path that stretches southeast to Karathona, about 2.5 km away (pictured left).

And why not visit all the four small chapels that are sprinkled around Karathona beach. In summer you can catch a bus to the beach. A taxi (one way) will be 10-15 E)


You can visit the beautiful monastery of Agia Moni in Aria, and then go east or south on lovely paths, that begins just behind the monastery. Start from the back of the monastery’s wall, where the road curves right. You can go all the way to Tolo or Lefkakia.

You can take a bus from Tolo and Lefkakia back to Nafplio. If you drove a car to Agia Moni, hop off the bus at Aria and follow the signs back to the monastery. And of course, if you do not have a car you can also go by bus to Aria, to shorten the trip somewhat.

A super round trip from Nafplio: Walk up towards Palamidi using 25. Martiou Str. About halfway from the city there is a sign to Karonis pointing left, and at this distillery museum you can stop for a guided tour. Continue on this winding road until you reach Agia Moni. Then continue, if you like, further up the road to the left, where you will soon see some white stairs. Sit at the small chapel at the top of the stairs and enjoy the view, and perhaps a pic-nic? From here you can also see the tall chimney of Fougaro. Walk down there and enjoy drinks, food or art, and walk back to Nafplio.


Between the villages Aria and Lefkakia lies a mountain, and you can walk on a path over this mountain from one village to the other. You get to Aria by walking or catching a bus from Nafplio. Aria is a village with streets criss-crossing at every angle, so directions are difficult, but walk up, up, up, to the highest house you see, and further, soon you're on the trail. The view up here is amazing! From Lefkakia, take the bus back to Nafplio - perhaps after a delicious lunch at Vicky's tavern in the middle of Lefkakia. Great, local food!


Churches located on top of mountains in Greece are usually named Profitis Ilias, the prophet Elijah, and that has biblical reasons. As a hiker, you get magnificent views from these places, and that is the only reason you need to make the trip, believe me. Just look at the view at the top photo here, taken from the nearest Profitis Ilias!

There are two such Ilias mountain peaks you can easily visit when in Nafplio. One is in walking distance (if you are an avid walker) from the town. You walk Agiou Adrianou Street in the New Town past the military camp, and after a while you will see the sign to Profiti Ilias. See GoogleMaps

The second Ilias is atop a proper sugar top mountain near Asini and is signposted from there. It's easy to reach by car + a little walking, but you can also take the local bus to Asini + quite a lot walking. Ask there, if you do not see the signs to this Ilias - it is not even on Google Maps! It's quite steep, but where you before had to climb boulders

there are now stairs, which makes the walk much easier.



We strongly recommend this trip, with or without a guide, see information on this page!


Stunning nature, walking on a path through

a gorge, just north of Ermioni. See info at the bottom of this page.


No, these hikes (see pic.) we haven’t tried, but we came across these signs when we were in Karya, a lovely mountain village west of Nafplio and Argos.

The top one is going to Nestani, a village also worth a visit in itself, but the lower one is probably easier to do, as it is a round trip in this beautiful area where bare mountains meet the green, fertile landscape.

You need, in principle, a car to go to Karya.


Walk on narrow roads and paths in this valley full of history.

See this page for details.


Driving from Nafplio towards Epidavros, you will, after 7 km or so, see signs to a village called Pyrgiotika. This village lies at the foot of a mountain called Giannovouni, where paths and gravel roads criss-cross the quite low mointain, full of olive trees, fields wild flowers and general nature beauty. If you want, print a map from Google maps if you want to walk a round trip. The small church (photo) is St. John Chrysostom.


It doesn't get much better than this! The valley, in Korinthos County, has a beautiful lake. Artificial, but you would never guess it, and in the autumn surrounded by golden trees. Walk around the lake, and visit the Agios Giorgos monastery from the 1600'. You will spot the monastery, up on a hillside, when walking around the lake, probably thinking it's not worth the detour. But it is! It's a beautiful place, and the view is just perfect. Also visit the little church in the lake itself, often called Paliomonastiri (14. century, pic. left), that is linked to the shore by a narrow strip of land. Ancient Feneos has ruins of a temple.

You will need your own car, or go with Grecopaths as we did. Bring food and water, nothing can be bought of that sort around the lake.


Arriving in Nea Kios by the road along the sea, you will see the local fishermens' colourful boats moored in a river. The river, Inachos, continues inland, and you can walk along it, on the left riverbank, on a footpath. When the path ends, turn left, and walk as far as you please, then turn left again and walk down to the road between Nea Kios and Mili. Turn left again, and walk back to Nea Kios. Part of this last strech you must walk on the pebbly beach or on the road, but a new footpath is being built here. If you don't have your own transport, there are a couple of buses between Nafplio and Nea Kios each day, but be prepared for a long lunch and/or swim in Nea Kios.


You can walk ten or only a couple of kilometres here (or something in betwen), in a magical mountain scenery.


Have you ever walked on a 2500-year-old country road before? Neither had we, before we did this walk. And we have only one word for it: Fantastic!


Epidavros county has marked several paths, being part of the Paths of Culture programme. We have already mentioned The Healing Path, but also want to reccomend path 1, where we walk in a beautiful circle around the Theatre, path 5 where we visit two Myceanian bridges, and path 6 to Foniskou Castle. All brilliant walks!


If you stand at the seafront in the Old Town, you see a long jetty that stretches from east to west. About half of this jetty is covered in concrete, and invites us to a little walk, with lovely views towards the old town and Bourtzi. Especially in the morning when the sunrise colours the old houses with its pink golden rays, and fishing boats sail towards the shore with the night's catch. But also in the evening, in the blue hour, when the lights are lit in the streets and houses, this is a great walk.

In daylight, you can also walk further on, at the shore towards Nea Kios, see below:


High above the village of Mili lies a castle, you can see it from the main road. We walk on good gravel roads up to the fortress, built by the Francs in the13th century. Besides the castle ruins, you get a great view along the coast, both north and south. And then you go the same way again. Bring water and a packed lunch!


There's a 5 km long stretch of shore between the jetty (see above) and Nea Kios. It's an inviting walk, expecially in the early spring when the wild flowers are plenty, but we walk here the whole year, except after heavy rainfalls when it can be muddy. 150 different species of birds have been observed here (including flamingoes), and there are reportedly also turtles. Or tortoises, I never remember the difference. Can be combined with bus to Nea Kios (via Argos), and mud baths along the walk.


Just a few km from Nafplio, in a fine mountain landscape and with beautiful views of The Argolic Bay and mountains of Arkadia. Park your car on the main road, and visit two cave churches along the way. The tour is four kilometers in total, two even, but not tough walking up and back the same way, on a good path. You need your own car to get to the starting point. Read more here.