Sundays the Greeks venture out for a volta, in other words, they will go for walk. The walk is to be taken in a leisurely pace, often in more or less urban environments, and during the walk it is considered preferable to stop at a cafe for a little refreshment. Here we’ll give you suggestions to three such voltas, close by and in the Old Town, and they can be implemented whether it is Sunday or not, of course.


Stroll on a nice path (photo top + left) around the headland almost circling the hillside below Akronafplia, the castle located above the old town. You can start your walk down by the harbor (Akti Miaouli street), and walk along the waterfront promenade towards Bourtzi. There are many cafes along the way, and it is permitted to stop at one of them, even though the trip until now only lasted a few minutes. If not, simply follow the paved road along the sea, past the breakwater and then westwards. Soon the castle rises above you and the sea shimmers just below you. NB! Now and agian boulders crash down the path and it's closed off. As a rule, holes are made in the barrier, and people go there anyway.

If you’re in the mood, walk up the stair to the small church of Panagitsa and the secret school (see below), or continue your walk around the headland. Soon you’ll see Arvanitia beach, and finally arrive at the large parking lot above the beach.

Would you like to swim, go down the stairs to the right. Do you want to continue down town, walk across the parking lot and down the hill, and you’ll soon see the rebuilt town gate of Nafplio, the «Pili of Xiras» on your left (picture left). But if you’ll rather walk even further, cross the parking lot above Arvanitia and choose the steep road to your left. Soon you’ll have the panoramic view of the Old Town in front of you. Go down through the gate to get back to the Old Town, or continue further up and go inside the walls of Akronafplia. After a while you reach Nafplia Palace Hotel, and you can have your well-deserved refreshments there. If you can afford it.


On the outskirts of the Old Town, not far from the main bus station, a green lung is stretching east to the suburbs of Pronia and the New Town. In the park you can say hello to the statue of the independence hero Kolokotronis and his horse, and visit the old train station complete with a locomotive, a pleasant café and a large playground. It’s a short walk, so why not continue on to Pronia and experience real Greek life. Read more on our page The greenest place in Nafplio.


If you are a more leisurely type, use the hop on / hop off bus that brings you from the harbor and on a wide trip around the town and up to Palamidi, listening to a (recorded) English speaking guide, for a shorter trip, embark on the mini train that fairly regularly runs from the port, and and brings you to many of the famous sights of Nafplio. Only Greek guiding. You'll find more info about the bus and train here.


This used to be a virtual tour, now it's a digital one. Handy if you bring a smart phone or a tablet and can be online, or at least a good place to check out interesting spots from home. Read more at www.nafplio-tour.gr

Take a leisurely volta

Town Gate

The mini train

Around Akronafplia (over and below)

At the path around Acronafplia, a small whitewashed staircase runs up towards the castle. At the top lies Panagitsa, a small church dedicated Mary, and «Kryfo Skolio», the secret school. During the Ottoman rule between the 15. and 18. centuries, it is told that the Orthodox Church had many such schools all over Greece. Maybe this is a myth, but it is still fascinating to imagine pupils in the tiny, cave-like room that is supposed to be the school.